Premier League broadcast rights record 20,132,014 3,000,000,000 pounds sold in the millionsBalotelli

> 20mier League broadcast rights record high price to sell 3 billion pounds

yesterday, Sky TV and BT packaged acquired rights to broadcast Premier League three seasons from 20ason, the contract reached a record amount of 30 $ 20, equivalent to almost three seasons Premier League broadcast rights for the price of 2 times. Sky TV which won the rights to broadcast s per season, and the newly added BT won the rights to broadcast 38 games per season. This means that every season mier League games sold per game average hit a record high of 6.5 million pounds! BT’s involvement allows ESPN to become the biggest loser, BT invested 700 million

Liverpool announced that the first person to leave winter window 8,000,000 new aid loan went to La L

Liverpool announced that the first person to leave winter window 8,000,000 new aid loan went to La Liga

Beijing January 20 evening, the Liverpool club officially announced the Portuguese defender Tiago – Iloilo in the form of loan will be leaving the team to join on loan to Spanish club Granada end of the season. It is worth mentioning that the young defender in the summer transfer window on the last day last year to

Sturridge knocked Manchester United at Anfield nine points over the final clouds drift away

knocked Manchester United at Anfield Sturridge nine points over the final clouds drift away

Sturridge three consecutive Premier League goal to help Liverpool achieve continuous economic victory night’s goal is more important, because they beat the defending champions Manchester United, also boarded the English Premier League after winning standings.

opening only three minutes, Sturridge in front of the Red Devils will rub Relay Agger’s header into the goal. Race day is just Sturridge’s 24th birthday, he brought not only to his best birthday gift, but also to prepare to commemorate the centenary of the marshal Shankly Liverpool overjoyed.

last season, Manchester United five years first visit Anfield victory against Liverpool last season and completed a double play. Since the establishment of the Premier League, Liverpool only in the 200ason ranked in the top of Manchester United, while the other three involved in the championship (d 2008-09) are ultimately made Manchester United the league title. This battle, the Red Army back luck, stopped a three-game losing streak against Manchester United. Rogers’ team to three straight Premier League start in the “post-Ferguson era” to get rid of the quagmire hope to see, to know the team last season, hit a victorious start to five centuries of shame club, now three consecutive games was ars for the first time.

Army continues tough defense in the first two, so last season’s Premier League Golden Boot Robin van Persie almost invisible, but Sturridge Suarez suspended in time, he can continue to prove worthy of Dayong. Since January to pounds to join Liverpool, Sturridge played for Liverpool 20 games, scoring d five assists, and Chelsea face Manchester duo have made over the goal, it is no wonder Rogers He was full of praise: “I have always believed that Sturridge is a top striker, he has speed, power and technology, or in front of a good finisher if he can stay healthy and focused degrees, will be further improved. “

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Serie A former Manchester United reserve team players


4 to ory at Juventus Lazio Serie 2, Carlos Tevez scored a goal, count the Italian Super Cup already in the new season three consecutive games scoring. First three games after joining the Bianconeri have scored, Tevez also tied Roberto Baggio’s record. However, the game Argentina “The Beast” just scored the team’s fourth goal, midfield triangle behind him, Pirlo, Vidal and Bo Geba composed play even better, where Bo Geba utes Vidal opened the scoring on assists.

see the former Manchester United reserve team players leaving the team in Serie A after the free flash, Red Devils fans inevitable heartache. This summer, Juventus, Real Madrid refused Boge Ba’s